#Lovingromagna: a storytelling experience

#LovingRomagna, Romagna is not only about the sea but also about traditions, ancient flavors and unique landscapes, a land waiting to be discovered!

Born in 2014 from an idea of a small hotel, Hotel Eliseo in Bellaria Igea Marina. A project that has involved not only the town of Bellaria Igea marina but different bordering areas, recognizing ih the inland and the gastronomy a plus of essential and fundamental values ,
the common thread of the Made in Italy.

We only have one goal: to talk about our land and promote it through the eyes, words and
the experiences of those who discover it!

A year after his birth, #lovingRomagna received the support and collaboration of many operators in the private and public tourism sectors. But the biggest thanks goes to all those
guest bloggers who enthusiastically placed their trust in us and got themselves involved in
an exciting journey to discover Romagna.

Our team:

– Maria Regina Rubinetti: project creator and coordinator
Monica Cesarato: collaborator and blogger recruiter

Our most important supporters, without which nothing could have been done, are Hotel Eliseo and Nonna Violante with her cooking classes.