bellaria igea marina

Bellaria Igea Marina: birth of a town

You may think that in Italy all the towns, even the smallest ones, were founded by the romans or inhabited by legendary peoples like the Etruscan. But you will be surprised to know that some of them, especially in the Adriatic coast were born to host the new touristic stream coming from the Norther Europe made by wealthy people who found here a new atmosphere.

bellaria igea marina

Igea Marina: wellness and charme

Europe, in the early decades of the ‘900, had discovered the “baths” fashion. Hot springs, as we call them today, with the healing powers of water and air of the sea, in charming places, such as sea destinations.

Many wealthy families of the city in the north of Europe, the “lords “as they were called by the locals, began to arrive, mostly by train and spend the holidays in houses rented by fishermen during the summer.

Representatives of the aristocracy of the time, chose to spend their stay in beautiful villas for rent or property that can still be seen today. The locals then began to implement those activities and services, which completed the reception and beach life.

bellaria igea marina

Thanks to the hospitality, the tenacity and the entrepreneurial skills of the inhabitants of Bellaria Igea Marina, in a short time the tourist industry became the main economic resource of the country.

The French Riviera in Romagna

Sand dunes and nothing else. This was Igea Marina in 1905 when Mr Vittorio Belli, intellectual, doctor and botanist, began the work of urbanization, of this area, stretching from the right bank of the river Use up to Torre Pedrera. His idea was to create a holiday village, a place in the countryside near the beach but rationally arranged. To contrast and enrich the sandy area, he planted thousands of pine nuts for the realization of a thick pine forest. Even today the urban map of Igea Marina follows the one designed by its founder and roads lead the original names of the poets and philosophers of classical Latin.

emilia romagna bellaria igea marina

In the 50’s and 60’, the town was one of the best destinations: the first hotels followed the elegance and taste of the best hotels, using porcelain branded dishes and silverware, crystal glasses and all the best they could find.

A good example of this and of all the evolution of Bellaria Igea Marina, can be found in the city museum “ Qualcosa di noi”, located in the old slaughterhouse (we wrote about this in a recent post).

bellaria igea marina emilia romagna
Photo Credits Alessandra Catania 21grammy

This small museum, very well designed and complete, is the result of local people donations: family memories, objects, kitchen tools and even a “pattino”, the old little boat used for the lifeguard along the beach.

If you want to understand “live” the history of the town, this is a “must see” museum.




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