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Eating in Romagna: four styles of cooking

You may think that Hotels in Romagna have the same high quality-cooking standard. The Adriatic coast of Romagna is very well known for its kitchen: tasty dishes, mainly handmade, that are exploring the tradition, sometimes with a new and fresh creativity but always respecting the basic products that are coming from the area.

The tradition and the innovation in Romagna

Piadina, fresh fish from the local fleets, handmade pasta, fresh cheeses coming from the surrounding hills and much more. This is the Romagna that everybody loves.

During the second edition of Lovingromagna blog tour, we experienced something more than this. Four different hotels of Bellaria Igea Marina, hosted the bloggers and we had the chance to taste four different ways to express the traditional kitchen.

Hotel Daniel: wellness in the dishes

There is always a way to eat following the rhythm of seasons, but the best is to know the influence and the properties of the various products and how the mix of them can help us. The opening dinner of the bloggers was at Hotel Daniel, a lovely hotel recently renewed that welcomes you in a shabby chic atmosphere. The best for a romantic weekend and a charming, relaxing stay near the seaside. Their choice was to work on bio kitchen. Their dishes are made on a Zero Kilometers philosophy and the recipes are written by a wellness consultant that uses the principles of the biological nutrition.

Photo credits 21grammy
Photo credits 21grammy

Hotel San Salvador: modern times

Slow atmosphere. This is what you feel entering this modern and international hotel, managed by Federico and Stefano, two brothers but also two capable managers. The kitchen here express the honest and transparent philosophy of the hotel. Only the best food, only the best products taken by Slow Food list. The chefs are coming from the area and the kitchen is opened to the vision of the customers.

Here dishes are a pleasure for the eyes and not only for the taste. Local fish is mixed with the pizza made every day in a special oven and the veggy mixed appetizer on the buffet central island, together with the fresh hand made pasta.


fish romagna
Photo credits 21grammy

Hotel Cannes: cakes and taste

Here food is a mix between tradition and modernity. But here, in this lovely and charming hotel, the cakes are the protagonists. This hotel has a special chef that prepares some of the most tasty cakes we have ever eaten. Daniella, the owner of the hotel wanted to offer something special to her customers, and she really did a great job.


bellaria igea marina
Photo credits 21grammy

Hotel Eliseo: the tradition of Nonna Violante

Last but not least, Hotel Eliseo, one of the historical hotels of Igea Marina. Here tradition is a stone edge of the kitchen managed by this steel magnolia called Nonna Violante. Her style is quite simple: eating in this hotel is like eating at home.

bellaria igea marina
Photo credits 21grammy

The Azdore (so women used to be called in the old times) used to cook the meals with what they had or could find: fresh fish, court animals, fresh vegetables and the savant way to cook. Tasty, healthy, simple.



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