Excursion to Santarcangelo di Romagna

Probably you are wondering what we did last Sunday…

We took part to Balconi Fioriti, a characteristic flowers show with a market of plants, flowers and handcraft in the town center of Santarcangelo.

Santarcangelo di Romagna is a picturesque little town situated in the Marecchia valley (towards the Adriatic coast) where visitors can feel the typical atmosphere of Romagna, thanks to the strong links with past and tradition.


The heart of the town center is set on a hill named the Hill of Jupiter and the first settlemen date back to the Roman times, about 268BC.


Walking through the narrow streets of the town you can feel a vibrating mediterranean atmosphere, where there is something going on… and this is so exciting!!!
scorcio di Santarcangelo

Don’t miss:

  • Monumental Public Grotto (Tufa caves): the entire Hill of Jupiter is built over a network of 150 caves that are open to visitors.
  • Malatesta Fortress: a fortress residence built in the 14th century
  • Marchi’s printing workshop: the inhabitants are very proud of this historic workshop where traditional fabrics are printed with a unique printing method
  • The Button Museum, with its 8500 buttons from 1700 to 1900
  • The Romagna hinterland and San Marino skyline from the upper town
  • Have a glass of Sangiovese, the local red wine and enjoy!

For further information: IAT Tourist Office






Foto: ©LovingRomagna

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