Ladies of Sangiovese: Carbognano Vineyard

What do you imagine when you think about an Italian vineyard? Probably some romantic hills in Tuscany, where your sight loses on the smooth, green and yellow skyline of perfect rows covered with black Chianti grapes. Italy is much more than this and Romagna is a good example.

Behind the sandy dunes and the clean summer air of Bellaria Igea Marina, you may have some nice surprises following the main roads that take you from there to the hills.

The Val Conca: land of the Malatesta

Leave Rimini and its nightlife and go southbound: almost bordering le Marche region, you will find the nice town of Cattolica with its mussels fields. It’s time to climb the hills that go towards the precious Castle of Gradara, and the romantic tragedy of Paolo and Francesca love story: we are in the Val Conca (Conca river valley).


Here, not very far from the town, we met Ornella and Marco, nice and sweet owners of the Carbognano Vineyard. A dream that became a reality when they decided to leave their job (they owned a winebar in Riccione) and buy some land in the hills of Rimini. This area has a very long wine producing tradition, the romans and especially the Carbonia family, started to produce it since then.

carbognano vineyard emilia romagna
Photo credits Alessandra Catania 21grammy.com

We arrive early in the morning. Air is fresh and nice here. It’s September but still it is a very pleasant season. The landscape of the Carpegna plateau shows us its magnificent dark side: beeches, oaks, oaks, hornbeams, maples, ash trees, the rowan, holly. We are in the regional park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello, bordering Emilia Romagna and Marche.

Not only Sangiovese

Ornella and Marco have clear ideas about wine: quality, knowledge and respect of their land. And a lot of passion and love. These are the secrets to obtain a good wine. That is why they didn’t follow the traditional cultivation rules, but decided to follow their instinct, as the wise peasants of ancient times.

carbognano vineyard emilia romagna
Photo credits Alessandra Catania 21grammy.com

Walking along the well-kept rows of their vineyard, they proudly tell their history. This is the land of Sangiovese, a strong red wine, with an intense personality that tells the history of this area, Romagna, full of contrasts and legends.

Part of their vineyard is dedicated to an international grape, Cabernet-Sauvignon and Syrah, two kinds of wines that may very well marry the ground of this area.

Carbognano is not only this. Ornella and Marco also know the traditional Romagna kitchen. They hosted us for an intimate special lunch based on handmade pasta, piadina and local cheese.

What a special day!

Info and tips

Ornella and Marco live here, do not hesitate to contact them for a personal wine tasting, you will be surprised. And if you want to have some rest after, lay down near their swimming pool to enjoy the landscape and the quiet of this special spot of Romagna.


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