Nonna Violante’s Cooking Lessons

Everyone remembers their grandmother… and Hotel Eliseo has Granny Violante, a true woman from Romagna and cook since her birth.

Sea & Cuisine: School of cookery with Grammy Violante

Her dishes tell about great experiences, traditions and flavours you should get to know and enjoy.

What are you waiting for? Off you go with apron, hands in the dough and rolling pin!

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First date: 16th and 17th May 2016

cooking class loving romagna
What are we going to do together?
4 hours divided into two demonstration days, in which you will have a “finger in the pie” and learn how to cook the traditional dishes of the Romagna tradition under the expert direction of Granny Violante.
Costs of the course
€ 60.00 per person
  • lessons with Grammy Violante
  • recipe book and kitchen apron from Romagna


more info: Nonna Violante’s Cooking lessons

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  1. Cooking with Nonna Violante was without question one of the most memorable experiences of our trip! Can’t recommend her enough as she’s a legend and the sweetest lady ever. A true Nonna!!!

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