The magic of presepi in the Bellaria

Italy has a special Christmas tradition that heralds and makes live the history of Jesus’s birth, following the first representation done by Saint Francis in the Middle Age.

Since then, every town, big or small, in Italy has its own Presepe tradition that relives every year. Some of them are just static representations, some of them engage The coastal towns of Emilia Romagna have something more to offer and some of them have a special way of heralding the Presepe: with sand, building huge representations directly near the beach, with wood materials that the sea brings on the shore or using angler boats, such as the gorgeous floating presepe of Cesenatico.

presepi igea marina bellaria

Presepe in the tun: Bellaria Igea Marina tradition

The beautiful Nativity scenes are set up in traditional casks restored and scattered in the pedestrian areas of the city, like simple but charming spots to create the magic of Christmas time with the traditional atmosphere. Every year the setting and the scenes change and always offer new suggestions to the many visitors that crowd Bellaria Igea Marina even in wintertime.


These creations made of imagination, are the work of schools and individuals. 42 nativity scenes set up in the vats by schools, parishes, associations of cities and individuals, all embellished by the work of nurseries, florists and local artists.

The contest of Presepi

The contest that every year involves all the creators of the presepi is held by the City Council and the Foundation Verdeblu. All the participants will be part of an evaluation session held by a Quality Jury that will award the most original with big cash prizes and special merits in the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6.

prsepe bellaria igea marina


Presepi will on show until January the 6th 2016.


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